Air India shared details of steps taken for reforms, cases worth more than Rs 150 crore

Air India shared

Air India: Air India on Monday shared details of the steps it has taken to improve its capacity and performance. He acknowledged that refunds have been an issue for many airlines during the global pandemic and subsequent recovery. An airline spokesperson said Air India, like all airlines, has been severely affected by COVID-19 and sadly, the travels of many customers have been affected. 

There were cases of more than Rs 150 crore

As one of the many steps taken to better meet customer expectations and expeditiously resolve post privatization issues, Air India accords high priority to refund dues. In the first few months after privatization, more than 2.5 lakh cases involving a total of over Rs 150 crore were settled.

Refund made to travel agent

Since then significant efforts have been made to improve processes and systems, and to employ technology, so that new refund cases can be implemented more quickly. In case of bookings made through travel agents, the refund is made to the travel agent, who is responsible for making the payment to the traveller.

Processing of record number of pending refund cases

Air India’s Chief Customer Experience and Ground Services Officer Rajesh Dogra said that the processing of the record number of pending refund cases is a testimony to the coming together of various teams and addressing a major legacy issue in a comprehensive and effective manner. As part of our transformation, we are committed to bringing a standardized structure to our operations, which is vital for us to emerge globally.

Despite expensive tickets, the number of air passengers increased in India

Air ticket prices are sky high due to the ever-increasing ATF prices. But even in the midst of rising ticket prices, the number of domestic passengers is not decreasing. According to the latest report, more than 10 million passengers traveled by air in the month of August. At the same time, there has been a jump of 32 percent in international transport. 

Aviation industry came out of the impact of Kovid

A report by rating agency Icra has revealed that domestic air passenger traffic grew by five percent to 1.02 crore in August. Along with this, there is a possibility of rapid improvement in air transport in the current financial year due to normalization of flight operations. In a report by Icra, this estimate has been made while releasing the air transport data for the month of August.

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