earn money from blogging: In today’s era everyone is using internet, due to which the number of internet users is increasing day by day, if we waste our precious time in running facebook, whatsapp, games, mobile, then it is right. Is. used. If you do, you can earn money from internet as well as make your name in internet world.

Although there are many ways to earn money from the internet, but the best and most reliable way is blogging. But the number of blog and website builders is also increasing gradually.

Friends, in today’s post I will try to explain to you how to earn money from blogging, how to do blocking.

earn money by blogging in English

Whenever you search for anything on the Internet, many results come in front of you. There should be no profit, so they must be doing this work, you also know very well that no one does anything without profit.

how to earn money from blog
Whenever you search for such a thing on the internet, the articles you see are of some website or blog, now the thing to think about is how they earn money from it.

When you go inside a website by clicking on a link and see any information or read an article, you must have seen that some advertisements appear around it, through which the owner of that website/blog is shown advertisements. is paid by the company. ,

How to make a blog / website for free – How to make a website and blog for free
1. First search blogger.com in Google

2. After the new window opens, click on Create a New Blog

3. After that log in with your Gmail account

4. Enter the title of your blog and its URL address

5. Choose any cool theme or teamplate

6. Click on Create a New Blog. Your blog has been created, in this way you can create your own blog by following these steps

After creating your blog, you have to post something daily on the blog and when your blog becomes a little popular and people start coming to your blog, then you can start earning money by connecting your blog with Google Adsense.

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