The pillar of insurance is Agent

The pillar of insurance is Agent

Insurance Agent means the Financial Advisor, who tells the insured to calculate the sum insured taken on the basis of his present and future income and the ratio of present and future expens is a technically trained financial advisor to calculate the value of human life.
In the changing environment, the general public is beginning to understand the need of life

insan educated insurance agent. Hence, the demand for trained agents has increased rapidly in markets in the last few years.

The market and future of life insurance business is full of unlimited possibilities. After globaliza income, attractive salary, tendency to take loans in the society has awakened the general public while making them aware of the future. Simultaneously with the use of information technology consumer increasingly feels the need for life insurance.

Today Insurance Authority (IRDA), Life Insurance Corporation of India and private insurance com together are creating awareness about insurance among the general public through marketing promotion in life insurance. The life insurance business has been selling insurance through an since its inception The job opportunities in the financial sector have increased very rapidly due global scenario after 1990. Especially in the field of life insurance, where the product is sold dire agent.

In the financial year 2006-07, life insurance companies have collected Rs 61,468.5 crore as first policy sales figure is 4,61,28,425. With this rapidly growing market, in which agents make a sign there are also unlimited opportunities for new agents

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